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New Sheridan:Virtual Tour

Virtual tour below - through all the floors, through the halls, into rooms and bathrooms.

Here you can "drive the opaque circle through our historic 1895 hotel and see the design for yourself.

You can click on each floor via the numerals on the left, starting with the roof deck hot tubs.

The mouse scroll wheel will zoom you in and out.

Virtual Tour of Telluride’s Historic Hotel – sparkling since 1895

With the tour, our guests can see how our designer, Nina Campbell, has give detailed layers of color in walls, fabric, chandeliers, and furnishings:

  1. cruise the area outside the hotel, the benches, bikes, dogs, street life
  2. view the downstairs lobby with the artwork displays by Roger Mason - both left and right walls
  3. circle around the Parlor Café
  4. peek into the restaurant (to the left)
  5. go straight back to the American Room where we host small group meetings and weddings
  6. go up the stairs
  7. look down the hallways – see the skylight over the broad staircase
  8. maneuver through the hallways(be patient) in to a front “Heart of Telluride” room