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Historic Bar - considered Telluride's best bar

Telluride's best bar in afternoon action

Open for Summer and Autumn Seasons

Music in Historic Bar

Live Music Schedule at New Sheridan Historic Bar

Telluride's best bar is open daily at 3pm until 2am with fellowship, pool, Foosball and occasional live music

Serving light food from 5:30PM to 10:00PM - see menu below

Dating from 1895, the Historic Bar is one of the oldest bars in the west and beloved by the locals. As Telluride's best bar, it is here that we locals hang out, meet and plan our backpack trip, our runs, and high country adventures.

Telluride's best bar with foosball action

Best Historic Bars of the West - we are original to 1895 and thriving

The bar has remained unchanged since 1895, boasting its original lead glass divider panels, mahogany wood paneling and filigree light fixtures. This piece of the town’s history is a tried and true "good time".

We are one of the best historic bars in the West and nearby there is another - the Dunton Hot Springs village bar, dating from from the 1880's.

Our bar has been renovated by our designer, Nina Campbell.

Pool and Foosball at bar in Telluride

Jack Daniel's for $5

We always offer $5 Jack Daniel’s and have nightly specials in addition.

Pool and Foosball

We have plenty of space for both pool (2 tables) and Foosball.

Live Bands in Telluride for New Year's Eve

We are starting a set of live band night. The kick-off is New Year's Eve with "Niceness”.

They are a popular local reggae band with a lead female vocalist, Koral Delatierra. She can really belt it out! They will play from the balcony – around 9:30- 1:30AM. Tickets will be available through the front desk for $25

Niceness playing for New Sheridan Bar New Year's Eve

From the Niceness Facebook page:

  • "Hailing from Telluride, Colorado, Niceness is a positively grounded roots reggae band blending a mix of soulful reggae, dancehall, latin, hip hop and funk. With a strong foundation of musicians, Tom Mann on bass, Michael Gomberg on drums, David Christeson on the keys, Dustin Wilson on guitar and Jonathan Barfield on percussion, the musical sense and rhythm is solid allowing for the vocal melodies of Koral Delatierra to sweep you away into the niceness that is abounding all around us.

    "Our goal as a band is to spread positive vibrations with our music, sharing words of wisdom and gratitude to inspire and empower our fellow brothers and sisters to know thyself and to stand in truth and love."
  • :: Discover more on the Niceness Facebook pages here >

Light menu in Bar

:: download menu of beers, cocktails and food as pdf >

Best Historic Bars of the West

Old colorado saloons & Bars

All of the bars and saloons that are listed on this page are still in business today. This list is a work in progress and this is not intended to be an all inclusive list. If you know of a bar/saloon in CO that is older than 1859, please send an email to admin@coloradoskiauthority.com.

1895 - New Sheridan Bar and Chophouse Restaurant, Telluride, CO The New Sheridan Hotel was first built in 1891. The hotel burned to the ground in 1894 and was rebuilt the following year. When the hotel was rebuilt in 1895, the historic New Sheridan Bar and Chophouse Restaurant were included inside of the new structure.

1859 - Buffalo Rose Tavern, Golden, CO This saloon was established as the International Bowling Saloon in 1859. In the early 1860s this building also functioned as a meeting place for the Colorado Territorial House of Representatives. The original building was demolished and rebuilt in 1902. The establishment was re-named as the Buffalo Rose Saloon in 1985.

silver dollar saloon leadville

1862 - The Mint, Silverthorne, CO This is the oldest bar in the State of Colorado that is still in operation, and is still using its original name and building structure. When this saloon was built; Colorado had not been made a state yet, and the north and south were just beginning the Civil War.

1879 - Gold Pan Saloon, Breckenridge, CO The Gold Pan Saloon was originally called the Herman Strauss Saloon. The Herman Strauss Saloon was renamed the Gold Pan Saloon in 1905.

1883 - Silver Dollar Saloon, Leadville, CO This Saloon was originally named the Board of Trade Saloon. The establishment was re-named as the Silver Dollar Saloon in 1935 (After prohibition).

1889 - J-Bar, Aspen, CO This historic bar is located inside of the Hotel Jerome. The J-Bar still serves a milkshake that was invented sometime around the prohibition era that is called the "Aspen Crud". The milkshake includes 5 scoops of french vanilla ice cream and 3 ounces of bourbon. There is no credible evidence that this drink was invented during the prohibition era... However, it is unlikely that a speakeasy would be discussed and written about in the local newspapers.

1893 - Buckhorn Exchange, Denver, CO The Buckhorn Exchange is often mislabeled as being the the oldest bar in Colorado. This bar does possess state liquor license #1... however this was not issued until several years after prohibition ended.

1901 - The Minturn Saloon, Minturn, CO This saloon has the credential of being the oldest bar in Eagle County that is still in operation. The Minturn Saloon is located just off of rt 24 in Minturn, CO.