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Telluride Hotels

What are Telluride’s Hotels with Character and History? – New Sheridan Hotel Telluride

Of all Telluride hotels there is only one that sits on main street and is the heart and soul of Telluride’s mountain life – the New Sheridan, an historic, luxury gem of a hotel. Here the guests have a chance to meet the people who live here, who climb, ski, and bike. Of the hotels in Telluride, this is the one with the soul of the mountains.

Downtown Telluride hotels are few and there is none other than New Sheridan with such a history – dating back to the silver mining days of the 1890s.

A list of Telluride’s Best Hotels

The best hotels in Telluride include only one classic restored “beauty” that reflects the passion of a detailed and luxurious renovation – The New Sheridan on Main Street, at the heart of the action. An historic gem hotel from the mining days of Colorado, built in 1891, and renovated in the Victorian tradition in 2008. Telluride’s best hotels are led by the New Sheridan.

The hotel is seldom seen as a Telluride resort, although with all the resort services just a block away in the separate local businesses of Telluride – the spa, the trails, the exercise club – all of which frame the hotel as one of Telluride’s best hotels.

Telluride Boutique Hotels

Telluride boutique hotels are few: the New Sheridan Telluride is the one with gracious detail and exuberant spirit. With the best restaurant in Telluride, the best bars in Telluride and the #1 Best Service Ski hotel in all of North America as ranked by Travel & Leisure, the experience is outstanding. The New Sheridan is the leader of boutique hotels in Telluride.

The historic charm of an 1891 hotel lovingly renovated into 26 luxury rooms is accented by a gourmet restaurant and the hottest bar in the town. Most of Telluride’s hotels are condo developments, but this hotel is Telluride’s boutique hotel stand-out

Telluride Historic Hotels – National Trust for Historic Hotels

The sole historic hotel in Telluride – New Sheridan Hotel Telluride – dates back to 1891. It was recently accepted as a member of the National Trust for Historic Hotels of America, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation The New Sheridan Hotel's commitment to historic preservation is recognized among 185 hotel members in North America . As the #5 Best Ski Hotel in North America as awarded by Travel and Leisure, it would be reasonable to say that this hotel is the not only the only but the best of Telluride historic hotels.

The historic, Victorian character of the hotel was lovingly renovated in 2008 with all new but period design and décor. The hotel may be historic but is has a grace suitable to 2012’s discriminating travelers. That the hotel is the heart of all Telluride’s festivals, of the town’s daily life speaks to an enduring historic hotel in Telluride.

Telluride Resorts - New Sheridan stands out

The best Telluride resorts have the character and style of the mountains – most date from the lat two decades and are condos with little character although with a sense of luxury. The New Sheridan resort is an urban resort with the parts that make a resort spread around its block on Main Street. This is the only hotel that could be called a resort in Telluride – in downtown – at the heart of the mountain “scene”.

Other than the best restaurant in town and the best bars in town, the resort facilities are located in other individual businesses around the New Sheridan. The resort is therefore a part of the community rather than added to it – that is how the hotel becomes one of Telluride resorts.

Boutique Resorts in Telluride - authentic character

The best boutique style resorts in Telluride are almost completely “condo” resorts rather than “real resorts”. The exception is the New Sheridan Telluride which is a true boutique hotel with all the parts of resort life surrounding it in the “downtown” area. Though many guests refer to the New Sheridan as a hotel, it can be considered a boutique resort with historic mountain town character: New Sheridan – the boutique downtown resort

There are no other Telluride resort boutiques that have the intimate, mountain, historic character that visitors are looking for. With just 26 rooms the hotel is a downtown resort from history.

Telluride Hotels with Authentic Character

Of the hotels in Telluride of authentic character, there is only one that is original, Built in 1891 during the gold rush mining days, New Sheridan Hotel & Resort. Authentic it is. “Drop dead” refined with its 2008 renovation by the renowned British Country House decorator, Pam Campbell, it also is. The light switches even echo the push in/push out style from the early 1900s. The plates of the light switches are burnished and heavy gauge, giving the touch and feel of period substance. These are just the light switches giving authentic character to this Telluride hotel.

Hotels that are in downtown Telluride

Telluride’s downtown hotels include mostly 3 and 4 Star condo hotels and 2 star inns. The New Sheraton is the only 4 star boutique hotel and it sits on Main Street as the heart of the town for locals. Telluride is both a bustling ski town and historic jewel. Clapboard storefronts house independent art galleries, old-time bars and delectable eateries. This is the setting for hotels in downtown Telluride.

Mountain Inns Telluride – historic luxury

The mountain inns of Telluride and the San Miguel River basin include the Victorian Inn and the Aspen Inn. These are 2 and 3 star inns, while the New Sheridan is Four Diamonds – the only Telluride Inn with that high a rating. Yet, the inn is affordable. How can it be? Because it has guests throughout the year, not just in the high seasons of winter and summer.

Our guests see our hotel as a mountain inn for Telluride’s caring travelers as here are the town’s, the mountain’s locals.

Four Star Hotels in Telluride

Of Telluride’s 4 Star/ 4 Diamond hotels, New Sheridan is the stand-out. With only 26 guest rooms, curated for a sense of history, the service is ranked by Travel and Leisure as the #1 in all North American Ski hotels.

  • ? There are no chain restaurants or shops in Telluride. ? The nearest stoplight is 45 miles away. ? There is one Four Star Historic Hotel in Telluride
  • Condo Hotels – Telluride

    Like many resort towns, Telluride has its fair share of condo hotels. They serve a many families with vacation accommodations on the mountain. Although our hotel is of different character – a true hotel, guests may want to experience being downtown in our village, at the heart of the action (that’s what the New Sheridan is – the heart of Telluride), rather than isolated in a new resort condo village. That is the fate of Telluride’s condo hotels – isolation.