Historic Bar

Telluride’s oldest and best bar is open daily at 3pm until 2am with fellowship, pool, foosball and live music every Thursday

Dating from 1895, the Historic Bar is one of the oldest bars in the west and beloved by the locals. As Telluride’s best bar, it is here that we locals hang out, meet and plan our backpack trip, our runs, and high country adventures.

Best Historic Bars of the West – we are original to 1895 and thriving

The bar has remained unchanged since 1895, boasting its original lead glass divider panels, mahogany wood paneling and filigree light fixtures. This piece of the town’s history is a tried and true “good time”.

We are one of the best historic bars in the West.


Jack Daniel’s for $5

We always offer $5 Jack Daniel’s and have nightly specials in addition.

Pool and Foosball

We have plenty of space for both pool (2 tables) and Foosball.


Closing Based on Business

T: 970.728.9100
E: info@newsheridan.com