During the San Juan Mountain gold rush, the smell of worn leather and the sounds of hard labor filled the air of Telluride. As precious metals were unearthed, more prospectors and profiteers moved to the area. The growing mining town of Telluride needed boarding for its passers-by and thus the Sheridan Hotel was constructed in 1891.

Destroyed by fire in 1894, the New Sheridan was built, this time in brick, in 1895. As decades passed and Telluride’s riches changed from gold to powdery snow, the New Sheridan Hotel evolved as well. Recently renovated with 26 handsome rooms, the New Sheridan is Telluride’s newest oldest hotel.

Home to the town’s oldest bar, the Historic New Sheridan Bar, a world-renowned restaurant, the Chop House. The New Sheridan has raised impeccable quality and service to a new level. Offering rich tradition paired with historic ambience, we invite you to discover the New Sheridan.

This is the only historic Telluride hotel and one of the few of Colorado’s historic hotels dating from the mining days.

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Opened in 1891, just four years after Telluride was founded, the New Sheridan Hotel has been welcoming guests for over 100 years in its rebuilt in 1895 form.

Historic Hotels in Colorado

There was and is here in Telluride just one of the Telluride Colorado historic hotels – the New Sheridan.

Built in 1895, this Colorado historic hotel lies in the shadow of the San Juan Mountains, and is located right in the heart of town.

Established in 1891, when Telluride was only four years old, the original hotel was a three-story wood-frame structure built with the riches from the gold and silver strikes. This first structure was destroyed in 1894 by a fire and rebuilt a year later in brick.

“It has an authentic historic quality that’s impossible to fake.”

Completely renovated in 2008, with designs by the British designer, Nina Campbell retaining and highlighting the history with fine Victorian style furnishings, details, fabrics, papers, and moldings. Throughout, she has set archival photos of the silver and gold miners.

The menu at the Chop House restaurant – the best in Telluride in much of the town’s opinion.

The Historic New Sheridan Bar has a carved mahogany bar, room dividers with beveled and lead glass panels, and light fixtures and brass chandeliers dating from the original in 1895 with additions from the 1930s.